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Boost your sales performance and employee productivity. Our mission is to make Salesforce easy to use, automated, and optimized for small and mid-sized businesses growth.

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No matter the size of your business, we can help you get started on Salesforce by implementing Sales Cloud and your sales process at affordable prices. 

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Making Salesforce easy to use

We help businesses get the most out of Salesforce Sales Cloud by designing and optimizing sales processes, reducing complexity, boosting user experience, and saving time and money.

Sales excellence with Salesforce

Eliminate complexity, Increase customer and employee satisfaction

SalesCloud Implementation

Get sales performance boosting capabilities from your Salesforce implementation for. Use add-on services to do more.


Make Salesforce easy to use and intuitive for your employees and customers. Designed for optimal user experience and productivity.

Best Practices and Training

Get the most out of your Salesforce with best practices and guidence on how to use it effectively for boosting business efficiency.

Value-added implementation 

Sales Cloud Lightning

Manage your customers relationships and related sales data with ease. We design your Salesforce Lightning applications for managing your customer Accounts, Leads and Opportunities and simplify these applications and pages for usability and productivity for your sales users.

Data Management

Manage your sales data with ease. Leverage Salesforce objects and go further and customize it for you business needs. Ensure data quality and accuracy with validation tools.

Sales Management

Manage your customers, manage your leads with Lead management process. Close deals faster with Opportunity management.

Reports and Dashboards

Use Salesforce reports and dashboards to get insights into your business processes and operations for timely decisions. Make effective use of your data for insights.

Business Automation

We will explore ways to automate your business process to save you time and money. Automation will free up your employees time for important tasks while repetitive tasks are executed in a timely manner. Engaging with customers, updating records, creating records, getting user inputs and lot more can be automated.

Making Salesforce easy to use

User Experience

Our usability design makes it easy it is for users to understand and use the Salesforce sales process and applications. We eliminate complex and crowded pages and provide only essential elements for your sales users to quickly complete their tasks and save time. Applications are measured for speed and performance and ensure consistent and fast access to information.

Best Practices

Get the most out of your Salesforce and sales process with best practices and advisory. Be updated on data quality, user management, application performance and techniques to save costs in the long-term. User training on how to use Salesforce for daily tasks will also be part of best practices.

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Add-on services

Need more services for your growing small business? We can help you.

Quoting & Contracts

Manage your products, pricing, quotes and contracts efficiently with Salesforce CPQ implementation.

Partner Management

Manage your channel sales partners with Salesforce digital communities and partner management system.

Data Migrations

Fast and easy migration of data from your legacy systems or other data sources to Salesforce. 


Get more out of the salesforce for your business with custom applications and integrations to external systems.

All of the above for great SMB Pricing

Affordable pricing for your Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation plus usability optimizations.

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