Throw away spreadsheets and manual processes

Embrace digital transformation With Salesforce

Our Digital transformaton is a quick, fixed price engagement for seamless onboarding of your business to  Salesforce CRM while ensuring employee productivity and operational efficiency.

Unificient is your partner in the digital transformation journey.

A customer relationship management that grows with your business

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes with Salesforce. Streamline your operations right away.


Small business


Digital Tranformation for efficiency and growth

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual processes with Salesforce. Streamline your operations right away.


A roadmap for efficiency and growth with goals and objectives defined. 

Ease of use design

Design Salesforce CRM for ease of use. Ensure it grows seamlessly with your orgnization.

Workflow Automations

Save time and boost productivity with automations included in the digital tx strategy.

Optimized and customized specially for nonprofit operations

Design Salesforce functionality for all your nonprofit operations. Simplified for ease of use and productivity.


Track and record different campaigns


Email members and community effortlessly 


Use employee and volunteer time effectively

Fund raising and Accounts

Track donations and fundraising 

Impact Insights

Reports and dashboards for insights into your nonprofit operations

Digital Community

Create online digital communities for easy community outreach.

Why Salesforce CRM for digital transformations

#1 CRM in the world

Trusted by businesses of all sizes. With ever growing number of features, it is perfectly suited to grow with your nonprofit.

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Features to grow your business

Salesforce provides a vast set of features out of the box to meet any requirement. It can be easily extended with custom applications for more complex requirements.

Free nonprofit licenses

Salesforce provides free licenses for nonprofit organizations to get started on the platform.

Delivering more value to your business

Predictable costs

Our digital tranformation projects are fixed and reasonably priced to help you get most value.

Productivity and Efficiency

Digital tranformation includes operational efficiency, employee productvity designs for your business growth.


Several needed automations are included in our Digital X. Enables productive work while saving employee time.

Best Practices

We lower your costs with best practices which ensure consistent value from your Salesforce implementation.

Training and onboarding

Provides comprehensive training on effective usage of Salesforce functionality to get the most value from your CRM.

Salesforce ease of use

We boost your employee and customer experience by eliminating complexity and ensuring ease of use design.

How does Digital TX help

Clear and customized strategies

A well-defined strategy for digital transformation. Strategy will focus on efficiency, growth and reduced costs and increasing productivity.

Streamlined operations

Optimize Salesforce for ease of use to reduce onboarding time. Efficient processes to reduce time and costs. Designed to grow with your business.

Save time and costs

Includes optimizations and Salesforce automations to save employee and customer time. Enables effective use of resources to boost operational efficiency and experience.

Pricing for digital transformation

Designed for nonprofits, startups and small business to get most value using Salesforce

Nonprofits technology adoption

Based on research nonprofits still depend on spreadsheets to run their operations.


Nonprofits using spreadsheets to run their operations

Based on 2019 NonProfit Tech Conference Survey

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