Meet demand with ease

Automate Everything

Customer demand for innovation and engagement continues to grow. Meet those demands with workflow automations.

Need to migrate your legacy workflows?

Salesforce is moving legacy Workflows and Process Builder to Flows. Get a free consultation today to learn how we can help you make the transition to Flows smoothly and efficiently.

Automation cuts costs and saves time

Better use of your employee’s time. Execute tasks without delays.

  • Cost savings from automation 46% 46%
  • Time Savings 66% 66%

Source: based on a Salesforce report

Meet increasing demand with ease

Automation can boost business efficiency, and free up employee time for more value-added tasks.

Sales Automations

Automate your customer record updates, contract creation, customer email notifications and lot more. 

Service Automations

Automation makes service efficient, tasks such as cases routing, reduce customer wait. Free up agent and more.


Automation makes it easy to get customer inputs, validations and customer progress updates.

Next Best Actions

Guide your employees and customers to make the right decision and take action in their tasks.

Capabilities to automate your business 

Simple and Complex Tasks

Manage your customer relationships and sales process with ease. Automate repetitive tasks with triggered automation for record updates and notifications. Leverage Apex code for complex automation involving data queries and calculations. Get user inputs via Lightning automation to kick off a workflow.

Orchestrate Automations

Build sophisticated and complex business process orchestrations. Manage processes that involve different users and different parts of your organization such as sales and service through orchestrations. Improves business efficiency.

Automate and Integrate

Connect with external systems, partners systems via multiple integration options such as Mulsoft or Salesforce API’s. Automatically send and receive data and execute tasks.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Automations and Artificial intellugence(AI) are made for each other.  AI can help automations to learn and adapt over time, making them more intelligent and effective. AI can generate customer specific emails and automations can be used to send these emails based on specific events.

User action recommendations

Use automation to recommend actions to your employees and customers. Show them in different places. Make actions interactive for other workflow executions. Boost user experience and usability for your applications.

Why Salesforce For Automations

Salesforce is a CRM platform which makes it a powerful automation platform. Salesforce automations can leverage sales, marketing and service data along with API’s and customizations. This makes Salesforce well suited for business automations.


Unificient For Automations

Unificient helps businesses save time, effort, cost by innovating and implementing business automations. Knowledge of the Salesforce platform and focus on user experience and scale, our mission is to use automatation as means to bosst business efficiency.

Ready to automate your business processes?

Automation can supercharge business efficiency, scale to meet higher demand, and free up employees to focus on what matters most.

Boosting business efficiency

Need more services for your growing small business? We can help you.

Quoting & Contracts

Manage your products, pricing, quotes and contracts efficiently with Salesforce CPQ implementation.

Partner Management

Manage your channel sales partners with Salesforce digital communities and partner management system.

Data Migrations

Fast and easy migration of data from your legacy systems or other data sources to Salesforce. 


Get more out of the salesforce for your business with custom applications and integrations to external systems.