Get sales reps back to selling

Unificient WorkSmart for sales boosts business efficiency by optimizing and automating your sales processes in the Salesforce SalesCloud to save sales reps time and effort for more critical work.

WorkSmart empowers sales operations to help sales reps away from non-selling tasks and back to having important conversations with customers.


State of sales

With an overload of tech, sales reps spend large amount time on tasks like deal management and data entry, negatively impacting sales productivity.


Time Spent in selling


Time Spent in non-selling tasks

Summarized from Salesforce Trends In Sales Ops report

 WorkSmart for Sales operations

Optimize sales operations and automate sales users’ tasks for improved sales efficiency and sales experiemce.

Optimize Sales Cloud

Optimize and improve operations on the Salesforce platform. Eliminates problem areas, boosts business efficiency.

Automate Sales operations

Automate sales user tasks and process. Saves time for customer focused activities.

Sales Efficiency

Improved sales performance, streamlined operations

WorkSmart optimizes your sales capabilities

Streamline Salesforce Sales Cloud for better sales experience, ease of use, efficiency, and costs savings.

Sales Operations

Agile lead-to-cash sales process.

Sales User Experience

Reduces complexity, improves usability.

Sales Data

Improve data access and data quality.

Salesforce operations

Optimizes the Salesforce platform 

Optimizations maximize your Salesforce investment and sales capabilities

Value-based pricing

Our value-based pricing makes it easy to maximize your Salesforce investment.

WorkSmart automates your sales activities

Save sales executive time and effort, execute tasks faster, meet demand with less. 

Lead Management

Customer Engagement

Opportunity Management

Automated Approvals

Quotes & Contracts

Custom Automations

Automation for business efficiency

Strategies to save employee time, boost business efficiency, and user experience

How does WorkSmart For Sales work


Collaborate on goals and objectives, challenges and pain points. Create road map for improvments.

Optimizations - Streamline business operations

Analyze problem areas, recommend changes, create estimations, implement optimizations.

Automate business operations

Design business automations for user tasks and processes. Test and validate automations.

WorkSmart Pricing

Fixed cost value based pricing. 

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