Boost employee productivity for business efficiency

Work smarter with Unificient WorkSmart.

WorkSmart streamlines your operations and automates them to save employee time, boost efficiency, and enhance productivity.

For businesses using Salesforce, WorkSmart is an easy way to maximize investment while employee focus on more strategic customer focused work.

Steps for business efficiency with WorkSmart

Optimize and automate your business capabilities on the Salesforce platform 


Free Health Check

Find problem areas with free health check of your Salesforce operations.


One time assessment of your goals, objectives, challenges for optimization and automation roadmap.

Optimize Operations

Get more out of Salesforce and automations. Eliminate inefficiencies in Salesforce implementation and streamline business process.

Automate Workflows

Automate business workflows, manual and repeated tasks. Save employee time, boost productivity, and reduce cost.

Automations save you time and cost

Automation saves time by


Reduces costs by 


Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks that are normally done by people.

Automations execute repeated and complex tasks in your business capabilities and processes to save time and cost.

Automations can be used for variety of business operations. It frees up employees from repetitive tasks, so they can focus on more strategic work.

Automating your business critical operations

Eliminate manual work by using WorkSmart to ​automate your business processes on Salesforce.

Sales & Service

Lead to cash workflows, case management, and more.

Backend Business

Customer verifications, integrations, user inputs etc


Health checks, security notifications plus more


Automate custom business requirements

Automated membership renewal notification system

See how you can create a zero code, easy to maintain membership renewal system using Salesforce automation.

Optimize your Salesforce implmentation 

Optimizations streamline employee and customer experience, business processes and Salesforce platform for better outcomes.

Business Capabilities

Optimize processes in your sales, service and other business operations.

Boost employee and customer experience

Applications usability, reduce complexity, boost performance and ease of use.

Optimize the platform

Recommendations for streamlining processes, integrations, code and more.

Best practices

Long-term cost efficiency solutions, stability and user experience.

Free Salesforce Health Check

Salesforce implementation not agile enough? Our free health check can identify problem areas and recommend fixes.

The benefits of WorkSmart automations 

Our goal is your business efficiency and scale  

Improved user experience

Save employee time and get tasks done faster. Boost productivity and wellness while meeting demand.

Cost efficiency

Flat price value based service saves project costs. Automation saves 46% of costs. Business optimizations reduce long-term operational costs.

Streamlined business operations

Boost efficiency and performance of applications and operations. Get most out of the Salesforce investment for business growth.

How to achieve business scale

Partnering with Unificient is easy

Our unique model is designed for cost effective and value added engagements for your business

Value-added Fixed Cost

Value delivered through simple value-based fixed price projects.

Helping Businesses Grow

Hyper-focused on business efficiency and scale challenges and eliminating bottlenecks.

Unique Expertise

A partner with expertise in business automations and optimizations and Salesforce platform.

Who Are We

Ex-Salesforce Employee

Helped scale many large businesses.

I worked with Anil during my time at Salesforce, where we both solved some of the largest and most complex customer scale and performance issues in our platform. Anil was one of our most senior and experienced engineers whom I worked with and who loved a significant challenge….

Ozgur Gurkhan CTA

VP Distinguished Architect, CTA

I collaborated closely with Anil Jacob on a variety of projects that resulted in the successful scaling of our Australian customer’s business operations on the Salesforce platform.

Francesco Iervolino

Director Strategic Engagements, Salesforce